Nueva Orquestra de Cambra de l'Empordà

by ORTHEMIS Orchestra

In the Nova Orquestra de Cambra de l'Empordà we are united by a single mission: to bring the beauty of classical music –from Baroque to contemporary melodies– to all of you. Moreover, as lovers of Catalan composers of the last century and of Catalan popular music, we love to share these melodies wherever we go.

We move skilfully between performances in prestigious concert halls and more intimate concerts. From several villages in the Empordà, Girona and Barcelona to international stages such as France, Shanghai and Mexico. For us, however, each performance is a new opportunity to connect with the audience, sharing stories and emotions through music.

Our journey began in 1989, when the orchestra was founded with the aim of bringing classical music to the villages of Girona. So far we have visited 44 countries and five continents, and that's not all! Throughout our career we have received several awards, including the Spanish National Prize in the category of classical music performers (1992) and the Sirena Prize (1998) as the best representative of Empordà’s culture.

In essence, we take the classical repertoire to every corner of the world, taking audiences on a journey to hidden places and times. From small towns where classical music is harder to programme, to concerts at the Auditori de Barcelona with the Ressonance Foundation, to collaborations with young soloists and internationally renowned musicians.

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